Saturday, June 19, 2010

Christening Bonnet

I am writing this post in response to a query about an unidentified piece of material that Michelle Goodrum found.  You can read her post, Sorting Saturday-Time Capsule-Help! Do You Know What This Is?, for more information and a photo of the object.

I posted a comment to her post earlier today, thinking it may be something similar to what I have, hence the reason for this post.


When I was baptized, I had a Christening gown and bonnet.  The bonnet is an heirloom bonnet, with the idea that it will be used when the baby girl marries and be passed down to her
daughter(s).  Below is a transcription of the card that came with the bonnet (and yes, I still have the original box).

Dear Little Girl,
This bonnet was made for you
To wear on your little head.
Years from now remove the ribbons,
Cut the knot and pull the thread
You will have a handkerchief filled
With memories to carry the day you wed.

When you have your own baby
To this handkerchief return the ribbons
And the thread then you’ll have a
Bonnet for your baby made from
The handkerchief you carried the day
You were wed that was made
From this bonnet for your little head.

The photo above is what the bonnet looks like as a handkerchief.  I did as the card instructed and carried it on my wedding day. 

The photo below is what it looks like as a bonnet.  It was taken on 12 June 1977 when I was baptized.


So, what do you think?  Could Michelle’s mysterious fabric be a bonnet/handkerchief?



Cheryl Palmer said...

Not sure if it solves Michelle's mystery, but I really enjoyed your post and input!Such a clever idea!

Michelle Goodrum said...

That is so sweet - both the baby and the bonnet! I'm glad you wrote this post and included a picture. I'm trying to look at my item and see if it can be unstitched to come out like yours. I think mine's more rectangluar in shape.

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