Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Finds – 02/05/10

Weekly column sharing genealogy-related things that I’ve learned or found.

Maps – Through my public library, I am able to access a map collection called, Historic Map Works, distributed by ProQuest.  It is a HUGE collection of maps and atlases.  Check to see if your local library subscribes to this database…I’m sure you will find plenty of maps to help you in your research!

Blogging – Thomas MacEntee reported on a new feature available for Blogger blogs; the ability to create static pages.  Head over to GeneaBloggers to learn more about the feature and how to use it.

TV – The big news recently has been the upcoming premier of Who Do You Think You Are? on NBC, which is set to debut on March 5th.  The official site was launched this week, with the following blurb from the “About” page:  “Viewers are invited to take an up-close and personal look inside the family history of some of today's most beloved and iconic celebrities….”  I think since the website is live, and I saw a commercial for it on Tuesday (yes, while watching the Biggest Loser), it’s pretty much a done deal and will finally debut as scheduled.

News – An RSS feed option is now available for the Member Connect feature at Ancestry.com.  Read the article to learn more and to learn how to activate it.

Article – Sue Edminster shares the results of a handwriting analysis of her great-grandmother in her article, Bridget Shane Handwriting Analysis, at her blog Echo Hill Ancestors.  It’s quite fascinating how much can be learned by analyzing the handwriting of an ancestor.

eBook – Our very own Elyse Doerflinger has written her own eBook on organizing your paper genealogy files entitled Conquering the Paper Monster Once and For All.  For more information on the book and how to purchase it, visit Elyse’s Genealogy Blog.



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Elyse said...

Julie - Thank you so much for telling people about my ebook! I really appreciate it!

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