Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday in the Attic – 01/30/10

This is a copy of the marriage record for my  third great-grandparents, James MULLIGAN and Sarah Norton WEBSTER.  They were married on 5 November 1865 in Pontiac, Oakland, Michigan.

To my knowledge, James was married twice prior to marrying Sarah.  He was first marriage to a Margaret, and had at least four children:  Maria, Patrick, Michael, and Bridget.  He then married a Sophia, and had three children:  Joseph, James P, and Julia.

Sarah was first married to Abram Marshall COFFINGER.  The were married on 5 May 1850, in Michigan.  Together they had at least five children:  Esther Besty, Calvin William, Amos Parks, Emma Amelia, and Mary Ellen.  Abram died on 29 September 1863 in Pontiac, Oakland, Michigan.

James and Sarah had at least three children together:  Edward Peter, Sarah Jane, and Margaret Elizabeth.  Margaret died on 6 February 1886 at the age of 12.

James died on 8 September 1879 in Flint, Genesee, Michigan.  Sometime between 1888 and 1892, Sarah, Edward, and Sarah Jane relocated to Chicago.



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