Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekly Genealogy Blogging Prompt #23

Prompt:  Talk about anything that’s haunted. Readers love spooky genealogy.

I wouldn’t exactly consider this haunted, but it is kind of spooky.

My great-grandmother, Catherine M SCHWARTZ, died on 26 January 1925 in Aurora, Kane, Illinois.  Her death was ruled a suicide, but it seems that some of the family wonders if it wasn’t.  A few family members have mentioned that her husband was a shady character.  One even goes so far as to say that it may be possible that he was involved, based on the circumstances of the suicide. 

I have one newspaper article after the coroner’s jury ruled her death a suicide.  I requested a copy of the inquest several month’s ago, but have yet to see anything.  Guess it’s one of those mysteries that may never be solved, but we’ll see.


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