Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday Night Fun – 06/27/09

Here’s Randy’s challenge for this week:

  1. Identify one genealogist that you would like to meet. The person could be living or deceased.
  2. Why do you want to meet with this person?
  3. What would you talk about? What questions would you ask this person?
  4. Write about your choice on your blog or in Comments to this post.

This is actually a little hard to answer.  Personally, through blogging and Facebook, I feel like I’ve already “met” many great genealogists.  There are many that I follow in order to learn from, and others I befriend because they’re wonderful people and we share a passion for genealogy. 

But there are a select few that I would love to meet in person and have face-time with.  They are:

Sheri Fenley – I love Sheri’s sense of humor.  She’s a wonderful Facebook/blogging friend and I’d love the opportunity to meet her in the “real world.”  Pull out the Scrabble board, Sheri…I’m coming!   :)

Colleen McHugh – Another great Facebook/blogging buddy.  I love her passion for genealogy and the fact that she has Irish roots like me.

Randy Seaver – A wonderful man with a huge passion for genealogy.  I’d love to just sit down and learn from him.

Thomas MacEntee – Thomas is just a lovable guy and a great Facebook/blogging buddy.  He and I share a passion for the “technology” side of genealogy.  I’m sure there’s much more I could learn from him.

Pam Warren & Dave Weller – My Michigan buddies, who have helped me out in Oakland County.  I’d love the opportunity to thank them for their help, in person.

footnoteMaven – Need I say more?

Maureen Taylor – The true Photo Detective, what wonderful things I could learn from her to aid in my love of old photographs.

There you have it!



geneabloggers said...

Julie thanks for the shout out and I am honored to be mentioned in such a great list! Since both of us are in Illinois I am certain our paths will cross eventually!

Maureen A. Taylor said...

Hi Julie,

I'd love to meet you too! Perhaps our paths will cross in the future...

GrannyPam said...

Thanks for the shout-out Julie. No further thanks are needed, I love to help. But, I would also love to meet you.

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