Sunday, May 10, 2009

Family Events - Week of May 10 to May 16

Craig MILLER - Happy birthday to my cousin Craig on May 10th!

John GRAVES & Susannah WEBSTER - John and Susannah are my tenth great-grandparents.  They were married on 11 May 1681 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.*

Jonathan WEBSTER & Dorcas HOPKINS - Jonathan and Dorcas are my ninth great-grandparents.  Jonathan is Susannah's brother (above) and were apparently married on the same day, 11 May 1681 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.  This is also were my family tree gets a little tangled (see Found: Cousins).*

Calvin Price WEBSTER - Calvin is my fourth great-grandfather, who was born on 10 February 1802 in Sacketts Harbor, Livingston, New York.  He died on 11 May 1856 in Bloomfield, Oakland, Michigan.

Robert PARKS - Robert is my eighth great-grandfather, who was born on 6 May 1676 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut.  He died on 12 May 1752 in Voluntown, New London, Connecticut.

Solomon NORTON - Solomon is my sixth great-grandfather, who was born on 12 May 1751 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.

William PARKE - William is my twelfth great-grandfather, who was born in 1503 in England.  He died on 13 May 1551 in England.

Timothy J McMAHON - Timothy is my second great-grandfather, who was born on 14 May 1874 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.  He died on 14 October 1939 in Chicago.

Happy birthday to Jim's cousin Jessica on May 15th.

Raymond Henry MILLER - Ray is my granduncle, who was born on 18 August 1916 in Cook County, Illinois.  He died on 15 May 1979 in Whittier, Los Angeles, California.

Pietro "Peter" BELLUOMINI - Peter is my step-father's, adoptive father, who was born on 16 May 1914 in Italy.

*Based on information from several compiled source, of which I have not personally verified at this time.


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