Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday in the Attic - 04/25/09


My grandmother would be celebrating her 89th birthday on April 29th.  This is a birthday card that my mom gave my grandmother many years ago.  I'm not sure exactly when, as there is no copyright date on the card, but I'm guessing that my mother was a child.  My mother has beautiful handwriting, even during her adolescent years.  The signature is either her early handwriting or perhaps it was said for her by my grandpa.  That said, this card was likely given to her between 1947 and 1962.  Care to clear this up, Mom?

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1 comment:

Mom said...

To the best of my recollection about when I was in junior high I decided to embellish my "J's" with the loop on top. At the time, I thought it looked cool. I know I'm older than dirt (LOL) and when I was at Roosevelt School, we still had handwriting teachers and she would never let me get away with that loop!!

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