Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Went Antiquing Today

My husband and I spent the afternoon at an antique mall in El Paso, Illinois.  I picked up some neat things and some great orphan photos.  Here are my finds.

This is a scrapbook of old advertisements.  There's some pretty neat stuff in here.  I plan to post the on my blog at some point.
Found some neat orphan photos.  Many of them are postcards.  I plan to post them each on my blog; maybe someone will claim them!
This is Webster's Complete Reference Dictionary and Encyclopedia, printed in 1942.  Remember, Noah Webster is a relative.
This is a flour bag, with Daniel Webster.  Not sure if this is my Daniel Webster, but I'm determined to find out!


Originally posted @ my LiveJournal blog on 4 October 2008.



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